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Red Amaryllis Bulb

Red Amaryllis Bulb

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Hippeastrum is a tender bulb and needs to be planted in a pot indoors.

Bulbs should flower about six to eight weeks after planting, and should be planted from October to January.

Plant bulbs using multipurpose compost into pots a little larger than the bulb itself. Two-thirds of the bulb should remain above the surface. Place in a well-lit spot & water sparingly until new leaves develop; then start watering regularly. Don't let the compost dry out, but avoid excess water collecting in the saucer. Turn the pot regularly to prevent the flower stalk growing towards the light. Cultivars with large flowers should be staked. When in flower, move the plant to a cooler place, about 15–18°C (60-65°F), to extend the flowering period.